Declassified: Pigs and Dentist Chairs


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Declassified: Pigs and Dentist Chairs

In this week's Declassified: a pet owner seeks a place to live, and a dental chair owner seeks a buyer.

Someone Rent to This Man

Leaving aside any doubts as to whether pigs are actually all that clean or all that litter trainable, this much is definitely true: Otis is unbelievably cute. Right there, in that picture, he’s sleeping in a sunbeam! Can it really be that there’s not one landlord in Toronto willing to take a chance on this guy? If only for occasional pig access?

A Rewarding Experience

“Dear patent office. I’ve invented a new profession, in which people—often women—exchange sexual favours for monetary rewards. Please forward all royalty cheques directly to me.”

He Wants to Learn

Here you go. Craigslist works.

An Indecent Proposal

Usually it takes at least one date to figure out whether a person is insane and/or using you to solve an immigration problem.

Act Fast

Do people really fetishize having their teeth poked at with needles by people in scrubs? Or maybe they fantasize about groping someone who’s conked out on nitrous oxide. Either way, add this to your growing pile of disturbing, internet-enabled knowledge of the secret desires of strangers.

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