Sound Advice: Rough 'N' Raw – Live Off the Floor @ CJLO 1690AM by Maximum RNR
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Sound Advice: Rough ‘N’ Raw – Live Off the Floor @ CJLO 1690AM by Maximum RNR

Local band celebrates U.K. tour with chest-shaking live EP.

This has to be a tough time to be a member of Britain’s security apparatus. Not only do they have to manage the nightmare that is the London Olympics, they also have to manage the additional threat posed by Toronto’s own sonic terrorists, Maximum RNR, who are currently on tour in the U.K.

To celebrate their British invasion, as well as the Olympics—seriously, that’s what it says on their Bandcamp page—Maximum RNR have released a free three-song live EP, with the rather unwieldy title of Rough ‘N’ Raw – Live Off the Floor @ CJLO 1690AM – Montreal. Suffice it to say that the album lives up to its name in the best way possible.

The first song, “Attack Panther,” is a perfect example of the band’s signature punk-meets-old-time-rock-‘n’-roll sound. Fast and aggressive but still riff-y and catchy, it’s a two-minute burst of big, stupid fun. (You can listen to “Attack Panther” by clicking on the sample above.) “Business As Usual/Clocked In” isn’t an Eagles/Black Flag mash-up, which is kind of disappointing, but is still a great hardcore song in its own right. It switches from fast-and-furious thrash to heavy, slow, floor-punching breakdowns in a way that would make their ’80s hardcore forefathers proud. “Ire of the Ram Intro/Trainwreck” is a hard, bad-ass masterpiece that lives up to its name by hitting you with the force of a speeding locomotive.

It’s pretty much impossible to recreate Maximum RNR’s aggressive, high-energy live show on a recording, but Rough ‘N’ Raw comes pretty close.