Sound Advice: Piss Suit by Caiiro Foster
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Sound Advice: Piss Suit by Caiiro Foster

Local "art punks" create a great EP with a ridiculous name.

One doesn’t necessarily expect grace and subtlety from an EP named Piss Suit, by a punk band that’s named after a professional skateboarder. That said, local art punks Caiiro Foster don’t really specialize in doing what’s expected of them, and their new release—which is indeed named Piss Suit—has both grace and subtlety in spades.

The grace comes from Caiiro Foster’s ability to be both loud and sonically dense without degenerating into just being noisy. The band synthesizes the energy of punk with shoegaze’s feedback-drenched wall of sound. The result is songs like “Online Shopping,” a building wail of looped guitars and effects pedals, with intricate melodies segueing into furious chords and then back again. (You can listen to it in the sample at right.)

“Action Committee,” meanwhile, starts slow and soft before growing into a thunderous tsunami of crashing drums and screeching guitars. The vocals follow a similar pattern. The three vocalists, constantly swapping in and out, move seamlessly between emotion-filled singing and manic, high-aggression screaming.

While they do a great job of blending the two genres, that doesn’t mean they can’t also write a good old-fashioned punk song. “Neurological Damage” is a fun, thrashy, pissed-off tear up that would inspire a circle pit at a church picnic.

Caiiro Foster have been circling the edges of Toronto’s music scene for half a decade, releasing the odd song here and there, playing shows sporadically, but Piss Suit is their second release in less than a year. Hopefully, these two quick-succession releases mark the beginning of a new era for the band, one where their brand of intelligent noise becomes a fixture at venues around the city.