Duly Quoted: Brad Lamb




Duly Quoted: Brad Lamb

“If you want to live in central Toronto, you’re going to have to live in a condo. Families will be forced to buy into high-density living. It’s the natural evolution of a city.”

—If you missed it over the long weekend, this was major real estate developer Brad Lamb, speaking to the CBC about the growing pressures on Toronto’s housing market. He calls it “Manhattanization” and explained: “In New York City, even if you’re an investment banker making $1 million a year, you still can’t afford to buy a house in Manhattan, so you’re buying a condo.” Here’s one thing that might help: moving beyond a dichotomy of single-family homes vs. condo towers. There are all manner of inventive, mid-scale buildings that have been devised over the years, and while Toronto bylaws make constructing them a bad investment in some cases and zoning regulations prohibit constructing them in others, it is in fact possible for us to revisit said bylaws. It would certainly be more productive than the blinkered versions of densification we tend to discuss most often.