Who's Playing NXNE: Diana Love
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Who’s Playing NXNE: Diana Love

The rising stand-up comic talks about Strip Comedy, among other things.

Forget compasses, GPS, or helpful Sherpas. From June 11 to 17, Torontoist is here to be your guide to everything NXNE.

Photo by Zaiden/Courtesy of the artist.

Diana Love
LOT 100 (100 Ossington Avenue)
June 13, 9 p.m.
The Monarch Tavern (12 Clinton Street)
June 15, 2:30 a.m.
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It’s hard to believe that Charlottetown transplant Diana Love has only been doing comedy for a little over three years. In that time, she’s had television appearances on Comedy Now! and Video on Trial, and has opened for the likes of Maria Bamford, Bruce Vilanch, and Jamie Kilstein. She’ll be showing off her unique style—best described as simultaneously dorky and dirty—not once, but twice over the course of North by Northeast. Our edited, condensed interview is after the jump.

Torontoist: So how did you get on the NXNE comedy bill two different times?

Diana Love: I was doing a week at Absolute Comedy, and [Comedy Records founder] Barry Taylor was hosting. He asked me to be a part of it that way. Georgea Brooks-Hancock, who runs Strip Comedy, is my fucking girlfriend. No, not really. But she asked me to do that. So now I’m in the festival twice.

How do you feel about the fact that there’s so much more comedy in NXNE this year? Not as a comedian, but as a fan.

It’s amazing. It’s awesome. On top of everything, they have some guy from Sweden [Magnus Betnér] coming over to do comedy, too. It brings another level to NXNE, the way that South by Southwest has all the other comedy acts as well. They have pretty big names. Acts like Debra DiGiovanni and Ryan Belleville and some other great names are doing it this year. It’s great.

Do you thinks this speaks to the health of the Toronto comedy scene right now?

I think so. Toronto has an insanely awesome comedy scene right now. You can go out any night of the week and see at least two different amazing shows. The scene’s getting really recognized now, and you can tell by the fact that we’re included in something like a music festival.

So, what’s Strip Comedy?

Exactly what it sounds like. Every time your joke bombs, you have to take off an article of clothing. It normally happens on a Sunday night, so it’s pretty tame, but this time it’s happening at 2 a.m. on a Friday night, so there are going to be some naked comedians. It’s going to be rowdy. The audience is going to be hammered; the comedians are probably going to be hammered. It’s a 2 a.m. show where people are getting naked. It’s going to be interesting. I mean, there’s no way in hell anyone’s going to see my boobs, but you’ll see something on someone. We’ll find a way.

How would you compare the city’s music and comedy scenes?

Listen, I do comedy six nights a week. When I don’t have to spend my night at a bar, I don’t. The only time I see music is when my friend’s band is playing and I promise I’ll go…. I’m the worst person to ask. I’d love to know about the city’s music scene, but I’m just so balls-deep in comedy. Having said that, I have friends who are musicians, and they’re gigging constantly, so that’s good. And when comedians sit around and bitch about whatever, the musicians say “It’s the same everywhere.” So I’d say they’re kind of on par.

Who are you most excited about seeing at NXNE?

I’m really happy to be performing with Ryan Belleville and Debra DiGiovanni. I’m on the same show as them and Trevor Boris. He just did Conan, which is amazing. They’re all on one show, plus K. Trevor Wilson, Dom Pare, and Todd Graham. All the [Comedy Records] shows are so stacked, I’d be happy to be on any single one of them, but I really lucked out. I opened for Ryan Belleville at Absolute, and he hurts my guts he’s so funny.