Weekend Newsstand: June 16, 2012



Weekend Newsstand: June 16, 2012

It's the most wonderful day of the week (our apologies to Andy Williams). It's Saturday! Hurray! Here's the news that this glorious day has on offer: a (high wire) walk to remember (our apologies to Nicholas Sparks); a once-unlikely yacht club merger; no bag ban lawsuit news; good news about city pools, and bad news about city roads.

Nik Wallenda’s much-hyped wire walk is now on its way to the record books after the seemingly fearless aerialist successfully crossed Niagara Falls last night. The slow and steady cross started in the U.S. and ended about 25 minutes later in Canada, where Wallenda was greeted by border agents. Completely drenched as he crossed the wire, Wallenda spoke to his dad via a headset, and conducted an interview with ABC. That’s right. From above the Falls. The CN Tower, for its part, was lit up in green last night, which seemed sadly fitting. The EdgeWalk is cool and all, but let’s get real, it’s a bit of a cake walk compared to crossing the Falls. Looks like Niagara gets the point in the classic CN Tower/Niagara Falls rivalry. When will those two just get along?

How times have changed. Sixty-one years ago the Island Yacht Club was formed in response to the Royal Canadian Yacht Club’s membership rules which (mostly) excluded Jewish members. Today, the former is considering a merger with the latter. See, the GTA’s major attractions? You can learn a thing or two from these sailors.

Sometimes the media is accused of being too quick to dole out bad news, and ignore the good or mundane. Imagine for example a headline that reads “All Planes Landed Safely at Pearson Yesterday.” Well, good news for you good news/mundane news/no news seekers, we’ve got a little something for you. In today’s “All is How it Was Yesterday” news category, Toronto has not had any lawsuits related to the plastic bag ban filed against it. You’re welcome.

Toronto’s outdoor pools are back in business. Twelve of the City’s pools are opening today on a part-time basis, while the remaining 46 will open next Saturday. All pools will be on full-time hours as of June 29. Happy hopping!

City drivers may appreciate having a cold place to dunk their steaming heads after trying to navigate Toronto’s streets this weekend. There are a number of road closures in effect from Friday to Sunday because several events are being held around the city. If that doesn’t entice you to leave your car at home this weekend, maybe this will.