TTC Alert: Union Station Closed Due to Flooding




TTC Alert: Union Station Closed Due to Flooding

Video by Nick Vasil

Commuters beware: Union Station is flooding due to today’s heavy rains, and much service is on hold. There is no subway service from Osgoode Station to Bloor Station (shuttle buses have been ordered) and the Spadina 510 streetcar is turning back at the Spadina Loop. Front Street has also been closed from Yonge Street to York Street while emergency crews deal with the situation.

1:29 PM: TTC CEO Andy Byford, speaking on CP24, warns that he “can’t see Union Station reopening for several hours.” We’d say it would be prudent at this point to make alternate travel plans for the evening rush.

1:43 PM: New TTC alert: “Any passengers wishing to access the Union GO Terminal should walk through the PATH system.”

1:54 PM: Andy Byford has confirmed to CBC reporter Jamie Strashin that “there’s no way” subway service will resume for the evening rush hour.

2:17 PM: TTC now alerting that the PATH access to the GO Terminal at Union is closed. GO says that riders “can continue to use the York teamway and the Bay West teamway to access our trains.” VIA Rail says that all trains “are still running as scheduled from Union.”

2:57 PM: From the City: “Flood clean up will likely go into weekend.” Subway still closed; GO still running but asking passengers to “consider using the stairwells from York and Bay streets leading directly to the platforms.”

3:05 PM: One new service change: 72 Pape buses are now diverting westbound (via Church, Front, Jarvis, and the Esplanade) due to road closures caused by the Union flood.

3:57 PM: The TTC has confirmed that subway service will be closed throughout the afternoon rush hour from Osgoode to Bloor stations (you can board northbound trains at Osgoode, but not southbound), and that the 509 Harbourfront and 510 Spadina streetcars continue to turn back at the Spadina loop rather than proceeding east to Union Station. 104 shuttle buses are in service and stopping at all the subway stations currently without service except Union.

7:14 PM: TTC CEO Andy Byford tells CP24 that he hopes subway service will resume this evening. Nothing yet though.

10:55 PM: And…full service has just resumed!