Reel Toronto: It Takes Two
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Reel Toronto: It Takes Two

You know, these are the moments we dread. We know, we know, sometimes we can be a bit melodramatic about how bad the movies we have to watch are, but even we have our limits. Like, a movie with the Olsen Twins? Didn’t we already have one of those? And it’s a rip-off of The Parent Trap (itself, something of a rip-off)? Oh, that’s just the lamest. And the top-line talent amounts to post–Police Academy Steve Guttenberg and pre-gargantuan Kirstie Alley?

Really? This is what you want to read about?

No, Steve, O revered patron saint of Reel Toronto, we can’t believe it either.

Fine, so, It Takes Two. Here we go…so, as if it matters, it’s about a poor orphan kid and a rich kid and they look alike and they meet and want to get their caregivers together. As we said, it’s exactly like the sort-of classic, The Parent Trap. In fact, if we were Hayley Mills we’d be really pissed off because she had to play both parts herself and these Olsens took the easy way out.

We’re not going to lie: we don’t know the difference betwen Mary-Kate and Ashley and we’re not going to start now. One of them plays a rich kid who goes to private school. It’s actually Trinity College at U of T.

The other one is the poor orphan. She lives on this street, which is supposed to be in unglamorous Staten Island. We instantly recognized as Empire Avenue, which played a working-class neighbourhood in The Mighty.

The houses used in the two movies are practically next door but this one is #36.

The two gals eventually meet-up at a summer camp, played by Muskoka’s Camp Mini-Yo-We.

This is what happens when they collide in the forest…

…yeah. And remember. These two are really sisters only pretending they don’t know each other. That’s some next-level, Meryl Steep acting there.

This executive air terminal appears to be one of the private terminals at Pearson.

You can even see an Air Canada plane back there, eh.

One of the subplots involves a bunch of kids forced to work in a junkyard, as if you care. Point is, the junkyard stuff was filmed down in the West Don Lands, which are now being redeveloped for the Pan Am Games. You can see one of those old rail building thingies (probably this one, at Cherry Street) in the back there.

Will it shock you that there’s a big, ol’ wedding scene at the end? Did you guess that hijinks are involved? Yeah, it’s supposed to be in New York, and the exteriors are Manhattan but the interior is St. James Cathedral.

Then they all ride off together through New York in a horse-drawn carriage and everyone is happy. Everyone.

CORRECTION: June 5, 11:20AM Previously, we stated that if we were Jodie Foster, we’d be angry. But since it was actually Hayley Mills in the original Parent Trap, we’d be angry if we were her. The correction has been made above (without any real anger).