Newsstand: June 25, 2012




Newsstand: June 25, 2012

Monday. The most underrated day of the week, or really just as bad as everyone claims? Ponder this today, and please report back. In the news: the Ford brothers want a patriotic parade, and they want some burgers to go with their hot dogs (sounds like what they really want is to celebrate Independence Day, but we digress...); a two-year-old girl is left in a hot car; Pride's flag raising takes place today; Christopher Husbands has his day(s) in court; and a fire on Midland Avenue.

Mayor Rob Ford, who famously skipped last year’s Pride parade and plans to do the same this year because it conflicts with annual Canada Day celebrations at his family cottage, thinks that Toronto should have an annual Canada Day parade. The idea was brought forward by Councillor Frances Nunziata (Ward 11, York South-Weston) on the Ford brothers’ weekly radio show, and both jumped on the idea of having a big, patriotic Canada Day parade. Gosh, if this does happen, Mayor Ford will probably feel really bad about having to miss that parade, since he is so set on his annual cottage getaway. But, a tradition’s a tradition. No getting out of that one.

In other Ford talk-show news, both brothers spent some time on their show discussing their desire for more variety in Toronto’s street-food offerings, pushing for really innovative stuff, like hamburgers. While on the topic of food, they couldn’t resist the chance to poke a little fun at their own appetites. Because that’s hilarious.

Speaking of hot dogs, if you thought people leaving dogs in hot cars was upsetting enough, just wait. It gets worse. A two-year-old girl was hospitalized this weekend after being freed from a locked vehicle parked near Lake Shore Boulevard and Bonnycastle Street on Saturday afternoon. Apparently the girl’s parents were attending a festival nearby. Sorry, Parker, your story has been trumped.

The official flag raising for this year’s Pride festival takes place at noon today at City Hall. Still no word on what prior commitment the mayor will be attending to instead.

Christopher Husbands, the man charged with first-degree murder in the fatal Eaton Centre shooting, will appear in court today on an unrelated manner. Today’s court date will be to face a sexual-assault charge dating back to November 2010. Husband will appear in court again on August 25, this time about the shooting, where he will face two counts of first-degree murder, five counts of attempted murder, and one count of criminal negligence causing bodily harm.

Toronto firefighters are battling a three-alarm fire believed to be burning in an auto-parts store on Midland Avenue, near Lawrence Avenue. Midland is closed to traffic north of Lawrence, and TTC’s Midland buses are on diversion.