Newsstand: June 13, 2012




Newsstand: June 13, 2012

Wednesday. The week's crazy middle child. Try to give it some extra love today. Let it know that it's important, too. Plus, Wednesday's got the news: a proposed ban on bullets; an update on the ban on shoreline fishing; how to get around a rejected condo proposal; TDSB brings out the axe; and a new bike park.

Since the city is all up in arms about the plastic-bag ban, we will go out on a limb and guess that a new, unrelated proposed ban may elicit a similar response. City Councillor Adam Vaughan (Ward 20, Trinity-Spadina) is exploring a ban on the sale of ammunition within city limits. By pushing for changes in City-controlled zoning bylaws, Vaughan will aim to make owning a gun extremely difficult, if not outright illegal, by outlawing the sale of ammunition or by enacting prohibitively strict controls on how gun owners store their weapons. Somewhere, Charlton Heston is rolling over in his grave, gun still firmly grasped in his cold, dead hands.

Although we told you yesterday that there is definitely no fishing allowed at the waterfront, it looks like city council is making us eat our words. (Though we’d really prefer some of Lake Ontario’s finest fish. Humph.) Councillors voted Tuesday to remove those pesky no-fishing signs and approved a “Fishing Summit” on shoreline angling in the city’s downtown, which will aim to encourage urban angling and to determine if there are any locations not suitable for shoreline fishing.

Pro tip for all you condo developers out there: if your plans get rejected by Toronto’s city planners because the proposed building could fundamentally alter the character and quality of the area by creating poor pedestrian conditions, including wind tunnels, just redraw plans so that they’re even bigger. Hey, it worked for King Financial Holdings, whose proposed tower at 323–333 King Street West was rejected when plans had it at 39 storeys with 201 condo units. After King Financial Holdings bought an adjacent property and redrew the tower at 47 storeys with 304 condo units, however, the plan was approved. Because that makes sense.

The Toronto District School Board, which is experiencing a major budget crunch, will vote on cuts tonight in an effort to balance its 2012–2013 budget. Trustees will be voting on closing classrooms and cafeterias and on cutting education for special-needs students. This is really tragic. No more Sloppy Joes? Obviously these people don’t care about the children.

Mountain bikers, if you are willing to accept, High Park wants you back in the ’hood. The Parks, Forestry & Recreation department announced Monday that a new off-road bike park will be located just south of High Park, on a strip of land north of Lake Shore Boulevard West, between Colborne Lodge Drive and Ellis Avenue. We know you are probably still hurt by last year’s cold rejection, but don’t play hard to get for long. The new park will include a skills trail, pump tracks, jump lines, a large drop, and a wall ride. No word yet on whether or not you should expect flowers and dinner, but they’re trying.