Extra, Extra: Swimming Pool and TTC Openings


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Extra, Extra: Swimming Pool and TTC Openings

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  • It’s definitely swimming weather—and as of Friday, it’ll also be swimming season, as City pools begin to open for the summer. Twelve City-run outdoor pools open on Saturday; the rest will open one week later. Here’s the list.
  • Also open: applications to join the TTC. The newly created positions of citizen members of the TTC board will be filled in the coming months, and to help interested residents learn more, the TTC will be hosting four information workshops next week. Applications are now available online [PDF] and are due July 4.
  • Continuing his excellent data-mapping work over at Global, Patrick Cain takes a look at the worrying reemergence of gonorrhea and syphilis cases in the GTA.
  • Congrats to AUX, which is now an iPad music magazine as well as a TV channel and website. It’s free, and the cover story is all about Metric. Read!

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