Reel Toronto: The Cutting Edge
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Reel Toronto: The Cutting Edge

If you’re a lady of just the right age, there is a good chance you went head over heels for The Cutting Edge. You swooned over D.B. Sweeney, maybe took a few skating lessons, and now must accept full responsibility for the three (!) sequels…and you probably were too young to know or care it was shot round these parts.

See if you can follow on this summary of the complicated plot: There’s this spoiled figure-skating gal trying to get into the Olympics and she needs a partner. Then there’s this hockey playing guy and he can’t play anymore due to an injury. Do they get partnered up? Of course. Do things go poorly at first? Mos def. Do the two somehow eventually develop mutual respect and even (gulp) love? Maybe, maybe. Are there montages set to ’80s music complete with close-up shots of graphic equalizers twinkling and muscles getting pumped? Come on! Is there a last-minute hiccup that gets resolved just in time for the pair to admit their true feelings and win a gold medal? Is any of this actually ruining the movie for you?

So, where were we? Skating, right. Gotta have some ice, eh? Well, this is supposed to be Calgary but…

…the distinctive seats let you know it’s actually Copps Coliseum, in Hamilton, cowboy notwithstanding.

This rink is supposed to be in Chicago but, uh, they don’t have Tim Hortons there. No, this is just Copps again.

Diva Moira Kelly has her own personal practice rink, which is supposed to be in Vermont…

…but it’s actually the rink at Newmarket’s Pickering College. (And it also can be seen in this vintage Kurt Browning Diet Coke ad. Sweet!) Pickering was also briefly seen in Mark Wahlberg’s The Big Hit.

This factory, where Sweeney works before putting on the spurred skates, is also back in Hamilton.

This doctor’s office, where he gets the bad news, was shot in downtown Toronto, on Pearl Street.

In a real coup, they got Jack Layton to play the doctor. No, not really.

But this really is awesome character actor Terry O’Quinn busting a move as Kelly’s rich dad.

As for Toronto itself, this not-actually-American hotel is actually the SkyDome Hotel. (Now it’s the Renaissance, of course.)

The atrium of this hotel, however, belongs what’s now the Hilton Suites in Markham.

Now, when you come across The Cutting Edge on TV and find yourself sucked in for the umpteenth time, you’ll be able to watch it in a whole new way. You’re welcome.