Newsstand: May 18, 2012



Newsstand: May 18, 2012

Good luck facing the cubicle today, because knowing it's a long weekend can only make your workday that much slower. On the bright side, it's a long weekend! And there's news: 45 police offers may face charges for G20 misconduct; Councillor James Pasternak wants you (or someone you know) to get schooled, post-secondary-style, at Mel Lastman Square; four options on the table for a casino site; and a Markham mall will buck the trend and stay open this holiday Monday.

It’s looking like misconduct charges may actually be faced by 45 police officers implicated in the allegedly shoddy and unlawful policing that went down during the G20. The Office of the Independent Police Review Director’s report pegs Supt. Mark Fenton, the supposed orchestrator of the infamous “kettling” fiasco, as being primarily responsible for the breakdown in operations. The report recommends that Police Chief Bill Blair charge Fenton with violating two counts of misconduct under the Police Services Act: unlawful exercise of authority and discreditable conduct.

Councillor James Pasternak (Ward 10, York Centre) likes universities better than casinos. Bold statement, yes, but Pasternak is pushing for the old North York City Hall building, and the various trappings around Mel Lastman Square to be turned into a new university campus, or at least a satellite campus of an existing uni. He suggested that this venture could be a more “creative” way to put money in city coffers than a house of gambling.

Speaking of houses of gambling (because when aren’t we? And who isn’t?), the prospective site of Toronto’s new casino has been narrowed down to four options—and four different municipalities. Will it be downtown along Lake Ontario, or in Mississauga, Markham, or Richmond Hill? Let’s roll the dice and find out.

If you thought everyone wanted to spend Victoria Day Monday in a soft haze of debauchery, you were only partly right. Markham’s Kennedy and Denison Shopping Centre has won the fight to stay open this holiday Monday. York Region Council’s approving of a motion to exempt the mall from the Retail Business Holidays Act has triggered city councillors to call into question the bylaw that keeps vendors of a certain size from working on specific holidays—often considered problematic because they are not universally celebrated.