Newsstand: May 17, 2012



Newsstand: May 17, 2012

Thursday is a sure day to give myrrh, hey? Or just some news will do: Police watchdog releases G20 report, plans to fix the Gardiner Expressway, plans to tear down the Gardiner Expressway, and a vigil for Ralph Bissonnette.

The Office of the Independent Police Review Director (OIPRD) released its report on G20 policing. And it’s a doozy. Basically, the provincial police watchdog was not impressed with the law enforcement tactics over the summit weekend. Stay tuned to Torontoist for more on the report later today.

You say Gardiner Expressway, we say Shmardiner Nexpressday, let’s tear the whole thing down? An environmental assessment started by Waterfront Toronto a few years ago that looked at maybe tearing down a portion of the elevated highway east of Jarvis was never officially finished, but it’s also not going to happen. The plan is on the “far back burner,” according to Denzil Minnan-Wong (Ward 34, Don Valley East), according to the Sun.

But there is something definitely happening with the Gardiner, and that’s ramp and lane closures to accommodate some much needed repairs. Chunks of concrete have fallen onto Lake Shore Boulevard twice in the past few weeks, and though the City says the road is structurally sound, they will begin a decade long project to repair and bolster the concrete this summer.

A vigil was held on Wednesday night for Ralph Bissonnette, the 28-year-old longboarder who was killed after an altercation with a cab driver on Monday. Some longboarders who attended the memorial event spoke up for longboarders’ right to safe passage on City streets, as they are not recognized under the Highway Traffic Act.