Newsstand: May 15, 2012



Newsstand: May 15, 2012

Sure, Tuesday, keep trying to convince us kale chips are just as good as potato chips. Sure. Let's focus on the news instead: RCMP found not responsible for G20 mess-ups, GO Transit will soon refund some fares on late trips, Queers Against Israeli Apartheid will march in Pride, executive committee votes to abolish the five-cent bag fee, more casino talk, and more cuts at the TDSB.

A new report from an RCMP watchdog lets the RCMP off the hook for its involvement in the giant policing fiasco that was the G20 weekend. The report says Toronto Police and OPP were calling most of the shots on the front line, including at Queen and Spadina for the kettling incident. In fact, the RCMP, apparently, didn’t even know what the whole kettling idea was all about. So that’s good to know.

GO Transit will soon be offering passengers a full refund on a fare if a train is more than fifteen minutes late. But that only applies to trains that are late due to a gnome convention being held on the tracks. And trips delayed to due extreme weather, police investigations, accidents, and medical emergencies (a.k.a. pretty much all the reasons trains are ever delayed) will not qualify for the refund.

Another sure sign summer is on the way: Queers Against Israeli Apartheid are gearing up for their annual controversy, by announcing their intent to march in the Pride parade. The group did not march in last year’s parade, after Rob Ford and his allies threatened to use the group as an excuse to defund and discredit Pride. But the groups is technically not breaking any anti-discrimination policies. And so they march.

The mayor and his executive committee have voted to scrap the five-cent bag fee. But don’t worry, because outside of that committee no one really does what the mayor tells them. So instead, when the item is before council next month, chances are the fee will stand, but with modifications to how the money is spent.

Engaged guys wanting to throw your bachelor parties at a casino: tell your wives-to-be to wait up, because the decision on a Toronto casino won’t happen until at least the fall. Or you could always just go to one of the other casinos nearby, we guess. In any event, if a casino does come to town, Exhibition Place is looking like the new favoured spot.

And the Toronto District School Board is facing even more cuts after final budget numbers came in. The board will have to make up for a $58 million deficit.