Extra, Extra: Maps, Signs, and Resignations


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Extra, Extra: Maps, Signs, and Resignations

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Image from Raymond E. Biesinger's {a href="http://www.etsy.com/listing/98301254/city-of-toronto-26-june-1976"}Etsy page{/a}.

  • Illustrator Raymond E. Biesinger is selling some pretty neat prints of the geographical layouts of landmarks in different Canadian cities on his Etsy page—including the one of Toronto circa 1976, above.
  • Also neat: an upcoming Koffler Centre art show will take your tweets and give them to the guy who paints signs for Honest Ed’s, so he can render them in his distinctive style.
  • Mayor Rob Ford set out to lose some pounds by weighing himself on a weekly basis in front of the press. Now, it seems like all he’ll succeed in losing are the weigh-ins themselves. Given what an embarrassing ritual the whole thing has become, you can hardly blame the guy.
  • But if you just have to blame someone for something this afternoon, Spacing‘s John Lorinc suggests you direct your ire at the TTC and Metrolinx, two agencies that could make all our lives materially better if only they’d learn to play nice with each other.
  • And, not Toronto-related but important: Line Beauchamp, Quebec’s education minister, has just resigned from politics after months of incredibly acrimonious student protests triggered by a proposed tuition hike.

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