Extra, Extra: Bixi Birthday, Flashpoint Finale, and Karen Stintz Talks TTC




Extra, Extra: Bixi Birthday, Flashpoint Finale, and Karen Stintz Talks TTC

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  • Bixi Toronto turns one year old tomorrow. To celebrate, they’ve got stunt riders and “special surprises” lined up to mark the occasion, so keep an eye on major Bixi stands tomorrow. (Or flee, depending on how you feel about surprises.)
  • A grimmer, but very important cycling bulletin: in a project called Open Road OpenFile has compiled data on every reported cycling accident they could find and put it on a map. Riders in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, Montreal, and Halifax can plug in the routes they use often and see where the trouble spots lie.
  • Fans of Flashpoint have just a few more episodes left to enjoy: today, producers announced that the Toronto-set cop drama would wrap up after the fifth season airs this fall.
  • Because everyone, including politicians, relaxes and talks more comfortably over a good meal and a bottle of wine: Star food writer Corey Mintz invited TTC Chair Karen Stintz, her adviser J.P. Boutros, transit expert (and sometimes Torontoist contributor) Steve Munro, and City Hall writers Robyn Doolittle and Jonathan Goldsbie over for dinner to talk about Rob Ford, local politics, and the state of transit in Toronto. Here is a partial—and very worthwhile—transcript.

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