Extra, Extra: Slow Road, Fast Subway, and Howard Stern Mocks a Councillor




Extra, Extra: Slow Road, Fast Subway, and Howard Stern Mocks a Councillor

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  • Signs of spring: patio chairs, cherry blossoms, and…road work. The Don Valley Parkway will be closed in both directions this weekend—from 2 a.m. Saturday morning to 5 a.m. Monday morning—for annual spring maintenance. Workers will be replacing subway beams, cleaning catch basins, painting road markings, repairing signs, and generally tidying up.
  • If the road closure is slowing you down, you could ride the subway. Really, really fast. There is, we have just learned, a Guinness world record for hitting every station in a subway system as quickly as possible—and while the award doesn’t currently extend to Toronto, one subway-loving British man is going to clock himself going as fast as possible anyway.
  • If you love film there’s a newish Toronto-based magazine you should check out. It’s called The Seventh Art and it is, fittingly, a video magazine. Their third issue has just been published; it and the earlier issues are all free.
  • Last week—right after April Fools’ Day—someone got wacky at City Hall and signed up some fake citizens to speak at a Board of Health meeting. (Anita Dick-Smith, Haywood Yablome, Isaac Cox…the list goes on.) Reading them aloud before he realized what was happening: unsuspecting city councillor John Filion (Ward 23, Willowdale). And mocking John Filion today: Howard Stern. [via @goldsbie]

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