Extra, Extra: Rollercoaster Screams, Show Choir Dreams


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Extra, Extra: Rollercoaster Screams, Show Choir Dreams

Every weekday’s end, we collect just about everything you ought to care about or ought not miss.

  • When Canada’s Wonderland reopens this May, the park will be debuting a new roller coaster, Leviathan, which press materials say will be one of the biggest and tallest in the world, at 306 feet. Embedded above is a video of a test run on the thing. Watch it and see if your palms don’t get sweaty.
  • Saturday’s second-annual Show Choir Canada National Championships pitted glee clubs from all across the nation against one another in a musical throwdown at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts. The Etobicoke School of the Arts took top prize, but this performance by students from Wexford Collegiate School for the Arts, in Scarborough, is pretty breathtaking in and of itself. They won second place. (Warning, link is NSFG, where G equals grumpy people.)
  • And here’s yet another incredible video, unearthed from the National Film Board’s online archive by The Toronto Dreams Project. It’s called TORONTO: BOOM TOWN, and it’s from 1951. The thing is worth a click if only for priceless lines like: “Toronto’s a wonderful town. Smart and up to date. Just like a good American city. Makes me feel like I’m back in Cleveland!”
  • How exactly did the City go about busting the balls of its labour unions this year? The Globe‘s Kelly Grant provides answers with an unparalleled level of detail. Lots of hardball tactics were employed, surprise surprise. No wonder CUPE Local 416 President Mark Ferguson is hiding his head.
  • Mayor Ford had a run-in with some scantily clad animal-rights activists earlier today, and, well, the picture at the top of this article pretty much says the rest.
  • And today in sadness: The Star‘s 51-year-old amateur-athletics journalist, Randy Starkman, died today after having suffered a bout of pneumonia.

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