Extra, Extra: Farewell to Bistro 990, Hello to a Proud Play




Extra, Extra: Farewell to Bistro 990, Hello to a Proud Play

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  • Too early for nostalgia? TIFF founder Bill Marshall tells tales from the heydey of Bistro 990 a few days after it closed for good, featuring sex, drugs, and the script for Flashdance.
  • A couple of weeks ago, we went to the first public reading of Proud, a play in development by longtime Tarragon Theatre artist-in-residence Michael Healey—and one so controversial that Healey left Tarragon over their refusal to produce it. Others have a bit more of a stomach for taking on the prime minister, it seems: the play, which features a character based on Stephen Harper, has been picked up and will open at the Berkeley Street Theatre in September.
  • A sad day for fans of Jean-Luc Picard and Joss Whedon alike: Geek Love, Toronto’s regular screening series devoted to delightfully nerdy fare, is calling it quits.
  • Must-read urban planning/politics article of the day: the story of how Los Angeles geared up, got organized, passed a sales tax hike, and started building a lot of new transit—all in fewer than five years.
  • Because some jokes never lose their grip, apparently—among those registered to speak at today’s Board of Health meeting: Haywood Yablome, Anita Hoare, and Ayma Moron-Mihevchana.

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