Extra, Extra: Adults-Only Zoo, Wandering God



Extra, Extra: Adults-Only Zoo, Wandering God

Every weekday’s end, Extra, Extra collects just about everything you ought to care about or ought not miss.

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  • Ashley Madison is a dating site aimed specifically at people who are already in relationships: a website which measures success in whether they get you to cheat. And you know what goes great with adultery? Petting zoos! Because children need to learn early that while life and love are full of challenges, Ashley Madison will be there for you when your partner doesn’t quite cut it any longer. Today on Newstalk 1010, they made Toronto a very generous offer: they will save the animals and sponsor the island’s Far Away Farm—which needs a new operator if it’s to avoid shutting down—if only we just agree to rename it the Ashley Madison Zoo. (Note: this would almost certainly violate the City of Toronto’s Naming Policy, which governs sponsorships [PDF].)
  • Do you know why this 500 pound statue of the god Ganesh appeared one night, seemingly out of nowhere, in a parking lot? If so, the Halton Police (and some very confused Oakville Museum employees) would be grateful for your insight.
  • Miss the long-lost era of progressive mayors past? Or the more recent heydey of Occupy Toronto? NOW has got you covered: today they announced the first installment of a new speaking series, Occupy the Mic with David Miller, which they tell us will be “an evening of song, comedy, and saving the world.” Glad that’s sorted out!
  • Also out today, the third issue of the online mag Toronto Review of Books—which, in an era of shrinking books coverage in print, is welcome and encouraging.

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