Spice City: The Source of the Patties



Spice City: The Source of the Patties

Ever wonder where all those Jamaican patties for sale at newsstands come from?

The Patty King bakery. Photo by Sarah Efron.

Want to stock up on Jamaican patties? A visit to the Patty King factory outlet might be in order.

Located at 321 Progress Avenue in Scarborough, this restaurant and factory store sees a steady stream of customers coming in for their favourites. The exuberant cashier, Judy—who hails from Montego Bay, Jamaica—knows every one of them.

“Are you getting a patty for your mom?” she asks a teenage customer picking up a dozen patties in her slightly faded Jamaican lilt. “Don’t eat and drive—it’s hazardous,” she sternly warns a workman dressed in coveralls.

Despite having the same name as the popular Patty King take-out restaurant in Kensington Market, the factory and outlet are not affiliated with it: the factory sold them the name and supplies some of its patties. The factory’s main business is wholesaling to coffee trucks, schools and to Gateway newsstands in subway stations. It’s a family business run by a group of brothers and sisters from Kingston, Jamaica.

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