Newsstand: March 27, 2012
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Newsstand: March 27, 2012

Gather 'round, kids! It’s time for a tale of magic, mystery, love, and woe. It’s provincial budget day! Super-happy budget day! In today’s news: BUDGET DAY, get it? Also: film industry blossoms, falling glass falls, puppy mill busted, and Leafs continue to disappoint.

People who rely on the province—read: pretty much all of us—should have their eyes and ears on Queen’s Park today, as the provincial budget is, at long last, revealed. There’s already been several hints about what will be cut, including public-sector pensions, although there have been suggestions that those cuts will only affect future government workers (way less bad than taking something away from someone who has it already, although still sucky). There have also been hints that fees for driver’s licenses and other permits will rise, social assistance rates will be frozen, and things will generally get less pleasant in many ways. The government says taxes won’t rise (the old lower-spending-instead-of-increasing-revenue model that has become so popular), and that there won’t be a massive sell-off of government assets beyond some buildings and the Ontario Northland service announced last week. All in all, it sounds like a real hoot. We suggest you have some brews at the ready for 4 p.m., all part of enjoying the sights and sounds of politics happening.

The city’s film industry posted its strongest numbers since 2002 last year, bringing $1.13 billion to the local economy, according to figures released by the City. The latest numbers are double what they were in just 2008, which is surprising for a year in which the Canadian dollar has been relatively high. Apparently our city’s draws includes good studios, quality talent, and tax breaks. One must also factor into account the remake of Total Recall, which had a reported $200-million budget and was the most expensive movie ever filmed in our fair city. With all that cash to throw around, we will be disappointed if Kuato still looks like some sort of poorly-animated Boglin. Just saying.

Toronto: Come for the bike lanes, stay for the falling glass! The latest in what has become a routine pelting of glass shards from far above happened on Queen Street West on Monday. It rides on the heels of a long and glorious tradition of glass falling from skyscrapers in Toronto: on Saturday, glass fell from the Trump International Hotel and Tower at the intersection of Bay and Adelaide Streets, and over the past year, glass has fallen several times from other condos around the city. A little falling glass ever hurt anyone so far, though!

A puppy mill has been discovered near Clarington (east of Toronto), containing 31 dogs in squalid conditions. They range in age from nine weeks to four years and include Corgis, Yorkshire terriers, and a bunch of mutts. They have since been cleaned up, which is nice for them, but are looking for homes, which is sad and yet hopeful for them. The Durham Humane Society conducted the raid and is now exploding with puppies, so it might be a time to look them up if you have extra love to give.

And for those of you who care, the Leafs are out of the playoffs if they lose tonight. Bah!