Newsstand: March 15, 2012
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Newsstand: March 15, 2012

Is it just Thursday, or did Andy Dick look kind of attractive on '90s sitcom NewsRadio? Must be Thursday. In today's non-radio news: Karen Stintz wants to officially shutter the Sheppard subway planning group, poll shows everyone likes librarians ahead of potential labour disruption, TCHC in hot water over spending again, a tale of two Paul Magders, and research monkeys at U of T.

It’s the end of the line for the TTC’s Sheppard subway planning branch. That’s right, the Toronto Transit Infrastructure Ltd. still exists, despite the fact that it ran out of money months ago, hasn’t been paying CEO Gordon Chong, used the mayor’s office budget to pay other staff, and owes Metrolinx money for some consultants provided by the Provincial agency. But TTIL is almost out of its misery, as the freshly reminted TTC Chair Karen Stintz thinks it’s about time to wrap up that whole project.

As library workers rally ’round themselves, so too do the citizens of Toronto—around library workers. According to a CUPE-sponsored poll asking respondents “Whose side are you on?”, two-thirds said library workers and one quarter said the City. Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong (Ward 34, Don Valley East) isn’t paying much attention to the poll, basically responding, Who doesn’t like librarians? We agree, Minnan-Wong. We are agreeing with you.

When Clayton Ruby and his client Paul Magder announced on Monday that they had filed a complaint with the Ontario Superior Court that could ultimately remove Mayor Rob Ford from office, the response from all corners was a chorus of “Paul Magder? The Sunday shopping guy?” But, no, it turns out it is not that Paul Magder, the one that won a Supreme Court case to allow businesses to open on Sundays (and who voted for Rob Ford). It’s just some other guy named Paul Magder.

The Toronto Community Housing Corporation is being proactive about some potentially misspent money rather than simply filing the extra expense under “Really, TCHC? Really?” (along with the Holt Renfrew chocolates and other expenditures the auditor general unveiled in February 2011). This time, the public housing corporation is going after its CFO for some $60,000, the equivalent of the lease TCHC was paying for an “executive model with upgrades” for Gordon Chu, while he was already receiving a monthly car allowance of around $600. It’s unknown whether Chu will actually have to pay the money back, but TCHC has sought legal advice on the matter, which is something. Probably an expensive something, but something none the less.

And remember when the University of Toronto said they weren’t going to allow any more research on non-human primates (which is just a word smarty-pants human primates use for “monkey”)? Well, forget about all that. The university says they’re open to research that requires monkey study.

Correction – March 14, 2012, 9:30AM: The name Paul Magder was spelled incorrectly in the post and has now been corrected.