Newsstand: March 12, 2012




Newsstand: March 12, 2012

The morning darkness can only lead to the lightness of day before the dusk of evening. Or something poetic. It's Monday, DST has begun, and we've got news! A legal application to remove Mayor Rob Ford from office, Doug Ford voices his desire to remove a bike courier from the streets of Toronto, Torontonians protest the robocalls scandal, gridlock at Union Station, gridlock on the 410, and you might have noticed, yesterday was W-A-R-M.

The hits keep on coming for Rob Ford. A media advisory went out early this morning alerting the press that “a legal application to remove Mayor Rob Ford from office” has been filed by a Toronto resident, Paul Magder. Politicians are often subject to nuisance suits by various of their constituents who are aggrieved over one thing or another, but this situation might prove more troublesome: Madger is represented by very-hard-to-dismiss legal hotshot Clayton Ruby. The nature of Ford’s alleged infractions will be revealed by Ruby and Magder in a press conference today at 11 a.m.; we’ll have updates for you then.

Speaking of Toronto’s sweet, gentle politicians, there truly is nothing like a little innocent bragging about ensuring there’s one less bike courier on the streets of Toronto to instil a sense of calm trust among citizens. Councillor Doug Ford (Ward 2, Etobicoke North), who has seemingly never learned that while sticks and stones (and angry councillors) may break bones, words can never hurt, says he almost “pummelled” a Toronto bike courier who allegedly became rude and and used “nasty words” toward him last week in downtown Toronto. Mayor Rob Ford, apparently never one to back down from a fight that it’s too late to join, was quick to point out that brother Doug could have done some serious damage (he has had martial arts training, you know!).

National politicians are also on Toronto’s hit list. Hundreds of citizens congregated yesterday at Yonge-Dundas Square to rally against the robocalls fraud—one of many protests that taking place across Canada. Protesters accused Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservative government of organizing the robocalls, but so far there hasn’t been any proof connecting the party to the fraud. Good thing, or else Clayton Ruby could be having a very busy month.

If the time change didn’t already tick you off this Monday morning, perhaps being trapped with hordes of people in the passage between the TTC terminal and GO Transit at Union Station will do the trick. As of Saturday, the passage between the two stations was narrowed as the western doors are shuttered for the next eight or nine months for construction. What does this mean for the average commuter, one of the quarter-million who passes through Union Station on a daily basis? Transit officials are suggesting commuters leave an extra 10 or 15 minutes early and walk on the street or through the underground PATH to King or St. Andrew stations, so this may provide an indication about the kind of gridlock that can be expected. They also recommend buying tokens or passes at other stations or vendors. Happy commuting!

Thinking of driving in rather than battling the crowds at Union? If you are coming from or through the Brampton area, better think again. Two of Highway 410’s northbound lanes are blocked north of Steeles Avenue following a crash involving a tractor-trailer carrying a load of chickens early this morning, and are likely to stay closed until after the morning rush hour. Again, happy commuting!

We love breaking records, and we love talking about the weather. Yesterday, we did both.

CORRECTION, 9:34 AM: In an earlier version of this post, we misspelled the name of the Toronto resident who filed the complaint against Mayor Ford. He is Paul Magder, not Paul Madger.