(H)our Earth Anthem
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(H)our Earth Anthem

WWF looks to social media for help writing an anthem for Earth Hour.

Andrew Huang. Photo courtesy of WWF

Rodgers-Hammerstein. Lennon-McCartney. Jagger-Richards. The World Wildlife Foundation is hoping that they can soon add to this list of great songwriting tandems the duo of Huang-Facebook.

WWF Canada has enlisted musician Andrew Huang to collect 140-character lyric submissions from social networking platforms Twitter and Facebook and craft them into an anthem for the foundation’s annual Earth Hour event, where people and businesses around the world shut off their lights at 8:30 p.m. local time as a way of raising awareness of global climate change. The results of the anthem contest will be posted online, and will premiere with a live sing-along performance the night of Earth Hour (that is, Saturday) at Trinity Square, in the distillery district.

Huang is no stranger to this method of collaboration: he made a name for himself on YouTube doing practically the same thing with his online project, Songs To Wear Pants To. He throws his credentials down like a gauntlet in his bio with the humble-brag admission that he “has lost track of how many instruments he plays.” Still, a mere glance at the contest’s results on the song’s Facebook page would indicate that the master will most definitely have his work cut out for him this time around.

Many entrants appear to gravitate to the trusted “hour-power” rhyme scheme, sometimes parenthesizing the “h” for effect. Others seem drawn to the potential of the word “light” and the many branches on its bountiful rhyme tree. A handful of budding Bernie Taupins offer only the word “earth” to Huang, should it somehow be forgotten in assembling the Earth Hour Anthem. One person suggests that perhaps the number “81734081600” could be of some use.

Here’s the front-runner in votes as of the time of this writing:

“It’s time to unite as 1. Save the Earth before anymore damage is done. Turn off your lights, turn off your car, plant a tree save the earth.”

Since that devolves into kind of an environmental to-do list and seemingly lacks a final rhyme, Huang may want to look instead to some of the other energy-conscious emcees that have graciously offered their services. Like the person who wrote this:

“This celebration/about preservation/is for every nation/and generation/This is (h)our reminder/to be kinder/to the Earth/our provider.”

Or Huang could opt for the barely coherent ramblings of one Jason Sheps:

“Cupcakes come from Earth, don’t you mess this up.”

Either way, we get our new anthem—presumably to be played every year and passed down to future generations—and someone rides home on his or her prize: a brand-new electric scooter.