Extra, Extra: Dogs, Lightsabres, and Washrooms



Extra, Extra: Dogs, Lightsabres, and Washrooms

Every weekday’s end, Extra, Extra collects just about everything you ought to care about or ought not miss.

A bulldog tolerates some grooming at the 2011 Purina National Dog Show.

  • The annual Purina National Dog Show was this past weekend. Dogs were there. Do you like dogs? Here are some pictures of dogs. Dogs.
  • Newmindspace just announced its summer glow battle, which is pretty much your only chance to assault a stranger with a lightsabre and get away with it, just like a real Jedi!
  • Remember all of Doug Ford’s whining about how development on the waterfront wasn’t going fast enough to net Toronto the profits it needs to help dig itself out of its annual budgetary morass? Well, a building down there that’s owned by one of the City’s subsidiaries just sold for $186 million.
  • And the TTC is holding a press conference at Finch Station to show off some upgraded washrooms. They could save everyone the trip by just sticking TTC Chair Karen Stintz and Interim Chief General Manager Andy Byford in a conference room at City Hall and letting reporters ask them questions about next week’s Sheppard subway vote. Because that’s going to be the topic of conversation regardless.

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