CMW 2012 Profile: Young Empires



CMW 2012 Profile: Young Empires

Torontoist talks to some CMW performers. Here, Young Empires implores us to dance.

The Indies are a staple of CMW, one that often includes if not the best, then at least the highest profile, line-up. That is the case again this year with acts like Dan Mangan and the reunited Treble Charger. But perhaps no band is on a more meteoric rise than Young Empires. As purveyors of world-class bombastic and body-shaking grooves, they seem to somehow be playing almost every night during the festival. We chatted briefly with bassist Jake Palahnuk.

Torontoist: Why should we see you at CMW?

Palahnuk: Because Torontoist says so.

What’s your favourite Toronto venue, and why?

Horseshoe for sure. The stage has the energy of the 50,000+ bands that have graced it before.

What’s your preference: indoor or outdoor venues?


What’s your preference: giant music festivals, or single shows?


Any advice for CMW-goers?

Dance like you’re not a Toronto music snob… for once.

What’s your favourite moment in a concert you’ve played so far?

Seeing Deepak Chopra bop his head at the front of our crowd.

What’s happening for the band after CMW?

Sleeping for a week—just finished two months on the road.