City's Indoor Workers Get Closer to Work Stoppage


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City’s Indoor Workers Get Closer to Work Stoppage

City files for "no board" report; province expected to respond next week.

CUPE Local 79, the union that represents some 18,000 of the city’s indoor workers (so, clerks, cleaners, dispatchers, and so on) announced earlier today that the City has requested a “no board report.” As we know from the two other times this exact thing has happened in recent months, a request for a no board report marks a pivotal moment in contract negotiations. Once the Ontario Ministry of Labour issues the report, the union and the City will have 17 days to come to an agreement, after which either one can walk away from the table. At that point, there could be a lockout or a strike.

If there is a labour disruption, it could even be concurrent with a lockout or strike at Toronto Public Library, whose union is finding management’s preference for inexpensive part-time labour increasingly hard to swallow. They’ll be in a legal strike position on March 18.

In 2009, Local 79 walked out hand-in-hand with Local 416 (outdoor workers) and we had “the garbage strike.” Could 2012 be the year of “the library strike”?