Weekend Newsstand: February 4, 2012




Weekend Newsstand: February 4, 2012

Oh the Saturday news, what a bear of a different colour. Happening today: what you need to know in the event of a labour disruption, Toronto Zoo staff make fun of abandoned baby bear, police shoot and kill a man in the east end, and an Occupy protester with money.

So after the City made its final offer to CUPE Local 416 on Friday afternoon and vowed to unilaterally impose it, it’s looking more and more like there might be a labour disruption come Sunday. Here are some things you need to know about where labour disruptions will have the greatest impact, in case that happens.

Staff at the Toronto Zoo debuted their newest polar bear to the public yesterday. The baby bear is lucky to be alive after he and his two siblings were rejected and attacked by their mother back in October. So zoo staff have been raising the cub by hand with milk formula and round-the-clock attention. But baby bear doesn’t have a name, so staff just call him “Bear” and, according to one zoo veterinarian, they “call him some things, not always complimentary,” which just sounds like a really mean thing to do to an abandoned baby bear whose siblings were eaten by his mother.

A man was shot dead by police on Friday morning on a residential street in the east end. The incident occurred near Toronto East General Hospital, and the man was reportedly wearing a hospital gown, but it’s not clear why or if he was a patient at the hospital. Police were called after a stabbing was reported in the area. The Special Investigations Unit is looking into the incident now. But one neighbour who saw the shooting thinks the police reaction was too forceful. But that guy is not in the SIU, so we’ll have to wait and see what they conclude.

After some thorough investigating, the Star reveals that not all the Occupy Toronto protesters suffer the ill effects of the income disparity they so malign. No, sir. They found this apparently rich guy, who calls himself Antonin Smith, has been actively involved in the movement, even though he, gasp, owns an apartment at Yonge and Eglinton. But also Smith’s dad is an investment banker in London who drives a Ferarri and Smith himself says he’s made millions “thanks to the internet.” And he didn’t win any friends in St. James Park when he complained about how much his condo cost.