Weekend Newsstand: February 11, 2012
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Weekend Newsstand: February 11, 2012

It’s as though the beautiful, cleansing snow has hidden away our cares, maybe even given us hope that they’re gone altogether. Then we realize that beautiful snowman is just a piled of ice-crusted trash bags, and we go on with our day. Today: police beat another guy, Ford speaks to the Star, breastfeeding causes alarm, and a new housing plan seems to emerge.

A Peel region drug dealer got off with no prison time on Friday after a judge found that police officers beat him, searched his home illegally, and then lied about their behaviour in court. Superior Court Justice Deena Baltman said the officers—who are involved in many other drug cases in the region—showed contempt for basic rights and the courtroom. The court heard evidence in the case last fall, finding that the officers set up a drug deal at a motel and then ambushed the accused, beating him severely. “Police used unwarranted physical violence against a fully cooperative subject,” she said. So uncommon for police these days, we know, but that’s what she said. Peel’s police chief says an investigation into the officers has been ongoing since the evidence was heard in September, but they still remain on active duty. Watch your backs, Peel!

It looks like the Star has found its newest City Hall reporter! In a rare and exciting development for the Rob Ford–bereft paper, the zipper-mouthed mayor has spoken to “The Fixer.” No matter that Jack Lakey’s column is about things that are broken around the city, and that it has given Ford a chance to complain yet again about the “St. Clair Disaster.” It’s there! In print! With the mayor! After walking the stretch of street between Weston Road and Old Weston Road, Ford says he has a mind to make the streetcar share that segment of its lane with cars, who are often backed up for blocks during rush hour. Interestingly enough, the Globe also had a “St. Clair Disaster” story on Saturday—but theirs, quoting the streetcar-loving “devil” Councillor Joe Mihevc (Ward 21, St. Paul’s West), said improved transit is making life better in the neighbourhood. Who you gonna believe?

An agitated Urban Planet employee, angered by the sight of a Mississauga mom’s breast, may be up for “retraining” after she called mall security to stop the woman from breastfeeding. Dionne Williams was feeding her one-month-old bundle of joy in the company’s Dixie Mall location when the clerk asked her to stop and called for backup when she refused. What a week you, guys. First, MIA shows her middle finger and now this! To re-appropriate a wise observation by U.S. comedian Mike Drucker: If you are upset about seeing a woman’s breast in a shoe section, you are going to shit when you see everything else that’s going on in the world!

The mayor is rethinking his plan to sell off 740 social housing units, the chair of the city’s Affordable Housing Committee told the Globe. Councillor Ana Bailão (Ward 18, Davenport) didn’t say much about what they have been discussing, but the paper’s sources indicate a new plan may see only 56 units, all of which are currently vacant, sold instead. Ye olde tymes, they are a-changin’.

Also: the Harpers held a panda, for Canada.

CORRECTION: February 11, 2012, 11:20 A.M. This post originally stated that the Globe and Mail article about the “St. Clair Disaster” quoted Councillor Peter Milczyn, when in fact it quoted Councillor Joe Mihevc. We regret the error.