Extra, Extra: What to do with Riverdale Farm, and Going Undercover at the TTC


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Extra, Extra: What to do with Riverdale Farm, and Going Undercover at the TTC

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A chicken at Riverdale Farm. Photo by Giordano Ciampini.

  • The future of Riverdale Farm is unclear, following a council decision to give concerned residents time to explore new revenue-generating opportunities to replace funding the City currently provides. Yesterday some of those residents met to brainstorm some options. Among them? A restaurant or pub, movie nights, and guided tours— all fairly standard proposals. Less predictable: suggestions for a casino or medical marijuana farm.
  • Another transit poll! They are very trendy right now, in the wake of last week’s major city council vote on light rail. Today’s poll comes from Leger Marketing, who surveyed 504 Torontonians. Among their findings: support for LRT goes up when the costs and consequences of various transit options are explained (we are shocked) and only one-third think that Ford’s election promise gives him a mandate to build subways no matter what [PDF].
  • Wondering what to do tonight? We have a suggestion! The episode of Undercover Boss featuring a disguised Karen Stintz working assorted TTC jobs airs this evening.
  • A fond farewell to CBC radio’s longstanding, ever-calm traffic reporter Jim Curran, who announced this morning he’ll be retiring in March.

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