Extra, Extra: Smoke, Firings, and Derailment




Extra, Extra: Smoke, Firings, and Derailment

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  • The person who spent a few days leaking the sordid details of MP Vic Toews’ divorce on Twitter is busted. The puppetmaster was apparently a Liberal Research Bureau employee upset by Toews’ support for Bill C-30, which, if enacted, would make it easier for federal authorities to monitor private internet traffic. He or she has resigned.
  • Rob Ford is starting to struggle with his weight-loss program after a stressful few weeks at council, as pretty much all the newspapers gleefully reported earlier today. Alone among the onlookers at this week’s public weigh-in, council speaker Frances Nunziata (Ward 11, York South-Weston), who is known for sneaking out of chambers for cigarette breaks, had some priceless health advice for the mayor: start smoking.
  • Another great thing about the mayor’s weekly weigh-ins is that they serve as impromptu press conferences. Today, after stepping off the scale, Ford performed a remarkable rhetorical pirouette on the subject of the validity of polling in Toronto’s ongoing transit dust-up. OpenFile boils it down to a simple study in contrasts, or you can read all about it at the Star.
  • The Leafs traded away defenseman Keith Aulie and forward Dale Mitchell earlier today. Maybe some of you sports people can tell us what that means.
  • Yesterday’s train derailment near Burlington was tragic. The Star‘s cameras caught the aftermath.

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