Extra, Extra: Plastic Bag Fee is Working; and Rob Ford, Transit Saviour?



Extra, Extra: Plastic Bag Fee is Working; and Rob Ford, Transit Saviour?

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  • Earlier this month the Executive Committee considered, and rejected, a proposal to jettison Toronto’s five cent plastic bag fee. In the wake of that, OpenFile decided to investigate whether that fee has had the desired effect of reducing the number of bags we use, and trash, across the city. Turns out, it really has.
  • If you find yourself near Davenport and Christie in the next month, check out this nifty looking coral reef installation—created entirely through crocheting.
  • Vindication for the Occupy movement? A new study, co-authored by U of T psychologist Stéphane Côté, finds that rich people are more likely to be lying, candy-hoarding scoundrels.
  • City Hall observer Matt Elliott has a very handy, concise summary of why we shouldn’t build the subways Rob Ford wants. It isn’t all bad news though: as Spacing‘s Dylan Reid points out, if Rob Ford actually proves willing to open up a real conversation about using new, politically contentious revenue tools (like parking taxes) to fund transit, that’s a huge step forward.
  • It was probably just a matter of time. Someone has made a Downfall video about Rob Ford. [via @Navneet Alang]

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