City, Outdoor Workers' Union Inch Closer to Lockout




City, Outdoor Workers’ Union Inch Closer to Lockout

Moments ago, at a press conference, Mark Ferguson, president of CUPE Local 416 (which represents the City’s outdoor workers), announced that the City’s negotiators have tabled a “provocative” final offer that would “gut” the union’s existing collective agreement. The union, according to Ferguson, was told to “take it or leave it.” This is a marked reversal in tone for Ferguson. Yesterday, he issued a written statement in which he said the union and the City were making “significant progress” toward reaching an agreement. The City could lock out Local 416 workers as early as Sunday.

UPDATE: February 3, 2:15 PM The City has just released the details of its offer to CUPE Local 416 [PDF]. As expected, key sticking points have to do with issues of job security. The City’s spokespeople are now saying that the City has no plans to lock out workers, and that it will instead impose its terms on Sunday, unilaterally.