Newsstand: January 31, 2012




Newsstand: January 31, 2012

It's the last day of January and the last Tuesday until the next one, so cherish what time you have left. In the news: Mayor says he wasn't wrong about cancelling Transit City and pursuing subways, so there; Budget Chief tables a fake motion just to annoy council's left, but it will cost real money; Mayor's new press secretary is Sun and Toronto Police alum; and SIU says enough already with the Adam Nobody investigation.

Despite a thorough legal routing of his move to cancel Transit City and build a single transit line under Eglinton Avenue instead, the mayor still says he’s gonna go ahead and do whatever the fuck he feels like what taxpayers want. Reporters tried asking questions about municipal affairs and public policy at the mayor’s weekly Cut the Waist celebration, but the mayor was having none of it. Ford just said he’s been right all along about building subways, he’s never wrong forever and always, repeated the words “elected,” “subways,” and “Scarborough” in various permutations, and waited until one of his staffers started talking so he could stop.

Hey, speaking of respect for taxpayers, have you heard about the funny joke that Mike Del Grande (Ward 39, Scarborough-Agincourt) made? In an attempt to bug left-leaning councillors, just because he’s so good at it, Del Grande tabled a fake motion at executive committee. And by fake motion, we mean that it’s a real motion, but Del Grande does not seriously support it. The motion was to reallocate housing funding already earmarked for projects like Regent Park redevelopment and put it into a project in Giorgio Mammoliti’s (Ward 7, York West) ward. And even though the motion is fake, the committee voted to have a staff report drawn up on the proposal. You really have to laugh at things like this, because laughter is the only sound that keeps the tear nymphs from occupying your eyes.

How do you solve a problem like a press secretary that left to become the comment editor at the Toronto Sun? Why, you hire up another member of the Sun family to fill the role, of course! Mayor Rob Ford’s office has announced that former Sun reporter and current Toronto Police communications co-ordinator George Christopoulous will be filling the press secretary role that Adrienne Batra left late last fall. Makes sense.

Deputy Mayor Doug Holyday (Ward 3, Etobicoke Centre) says there will be no lockout. On Sunday. Maybe after Sunday. But probably not on Sunday. Negotiations between the City and CUPE Local 416 are still trucking along in hopes of reaching an agreement before Sunday’s deadline for potential labour disruptions. And though Holyday is hopeful, union president Mark Ferguson says he doesn’t know why.

The Special Investigations Unit doesn’t feel like investigating Adam Nobody’s G20 arrest any more. The police watchdog has already looked into Nobody’s violent arrest twice, and laid charges against one officer. But a recent report from another police watchdog, the Office of the Independent Police Review Director, identifies four more officers involved in the altercation and recommends they should also face charges for using excessive force. But the SIU says none of the evidence would be admissible in court and they’d really rather not do anything else about this file.