2011: The Year in Photos



2011: The Year in Photos

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(Christopher Drost)
The gutted remains of a heritage building after a six-alarm fire at the site, formerly the location of the Empress Hotel. An investigation subsequently confirmed suspicions that arson was the cause of the blaze.

(Christopher Drost)
january 11, derry road
A convoy of six large—very large—beer fermentation tanks makes its way to the Molson Coors brewery near Pearson Airport from the Hamilton port lands, after having been shipped to Canada from Germany.

(Christopher Drost)
January 18, South of king street on the way to the Metro Convention Centre
The funeral procession for Sergeant Ryan Russell, struck and killed January 12 by the driver of a stolen snowplow. Russell was the first officer to be killed on duty since 2002.

(Miles Storey)
January 23, Just east of Ontario Place
“Lake devils” or sea smoke rising from the surface of Lake Ontario. The effect occurs when extremely cold air moves over a warmer body of water.

(Joel Charlebois)
January 29, Yonge-Dundas Square
As the Arab Spring took root in countries across the Middle East, Torontonians gathered for a rally in support of protests in Egypt and Tunisia. Two weeks later, Hosni Mubarak would be removed from office as president of Egypt.

(Nancy Paiva)
March 4, A gym at 99 Sudbury
The final round in a match at the Toronto Newsgirls Boxing Club, a women-only, trans-positive gym that promotes boxing as a way to get healthy and feel strong.

(Corbin Smith)
March 13, El Mocambo
Kidstreet, feeling the love at Canadian Music Week.

(Miles Storey)
March 30, Air Canada Centre
Midway through the process of converting the ACC from a hockey rink to a basketball court, an overnight switch that crews need to make dozens of times each year.

(Miles Storey)
April 2, Yonge-Dundas Square
Toronto’s annual pillow fight, organized by Newmindspace—which this year coincided with an international Pillow Fight Day.

(Christopher Drost)
April 8, Cherry Beach
A never-before-seen shot of the set of Silent Hill 3D, which filmed scenes here in the spring.

(Christopher Drost)
April 14, High Park
A prescribed burn at High Park, which helps clear out dead leaves and encourage the growth of new vegetation.

(Michael Chrisman)
April 19, Royal Ontario Museum
The ROM’s recently acquired powder diffractometer, a tool for the studying the crystal structure of minerals, housed in their Collections and Research building.

(Corbin Smith)
April 30, Polson Pier
Tryouts for the Lingerie Football League, newly arrived in Toronto.

(Christopher Drost)
May 2, Sheraton Hotel
Michael Ignatieff, speaking to Liberal supporters on the night of the federal election, conceding defeat in both the race for his own seat and for Parliament.

(Dean Bradley)
May 2, Toronto Convention Centre
Jack Layton and the NDP celebrate as they claim the mantle of Official Opposition status.

(Harry Choi)
May 5, Richmond and Bathurst
An investigation proceeds outside a meth lab discovered downtown.

(Miles Storey)
May 9, High Park
The annual blossoming of the Sakura cherry blossoms, which draws visitors of both the human and winged variety to the park.

(Corbin Smith)
May 10, Yonge-Dundas Square
A record-breaking, 10-tonne ice cream cake.

(Christopher Drost)
May 26, A Subway Station Near You
After much anticipation, the TTC starts testing brand new subway trains, which enter into regular customer service two months later.

(Miles Storey)
June 13, St. Lawrence Market
Spiderman Spiderdog will bravely protect his master against all threats—and there are many alien forces to be reckoned with at the Woofstock festival.

(Corbin Smith)
June 16, Yonge-Dundas Square
Fans cheering for Fucked Up at NXNE.

(Dean Bradley)
June 19, Downtown Hilton
Getting inked at the Northern Ink Xposure Tattoo Show.

(Christopher Drost)
June 25, College Street
One year after the G20 (and G20 protests) took over the streets of downtown Toronto, a few hundred gathered to mark the anniversary of the largest mass arrest in Canadian history.