Weekend Newsstand: November 12, 2011



Weekend Newsstand: November 12, 2011

Awake, glorious thunder-birds and shuffle off that hangover coil! There, feel better? Good, now you're ready for the news: judge deems Byron Sonne's Charter rights were violated, two people arrested for shouting at the mayor during his Remembrance Day speech, PCs ask for back-to-work legislation in York Transit dispute, TDSB demands an apology from Tim Hudak, and more!

In pretrial motions this week ahead of the trial trial for Byron Sonne, the so-called G20 hacker, the Crown conceded that they pretty much tricked Sonne into identifying himself to the authorities ahead of the summit. Once they knew his name, it goes, police Googled Sonne and were lead to believe, they say, that he was a serious threat in need of investigating. But the judge has now ruled this trick was a violation of Sonne’s Charter rights, and so any evidence gleaned directly from that trick is inadmissible in the trial. Then the lawyers jumped down a vortex of legal jousting so mesmerizing that the judge said she’s never seen anything this complicated. And the trial hasn’t even started yet.

The debate over whether the CBC’s driveway ambush on Rob Ford was playing fair is ongoing, but the most recent incident of Ford-bashing is a bit more cut and dry. Even Josh Matlow (Ward 22, St. Paul’s), famous for being one of the mushiest of council’s mushy middle, was definitively judgmental. During Remembrance Day ceremonies at Old City Hall, two people decided, Yes, this looks like the perfect venue to voice my concerns about municipal affairs and/or be drunk. A man and a woman were arrested, in separate incidents, for yelling at the mayor during and immediately after he delivered his Remembrance Day speech. The woman was released without charges and the man was charged with public intoxication.

The Grits are rejecting a call from some Tory MPPs to send York Region Transit workers back to work. Trying to frame the argument as an urban versus suburban disparity, the three York-area MPPs gave a press conference decrying the TTC’s essential service designation, put in place not long ago, as unfair and downtown urban elitist. Well, they pretty much said that. So there probably won’t be back-to-work legislation, but talks may go to a third-party arbitrator, says the union.

Speaking of the Progressive Conservatives, the Toronto District School Board is now demanding an apology for a flyer the party put out that made up weird and offensive lies about the board’s sex ed policies. So far the board has had no response to their request.

A 35-year-old man has been charged with failure to stop after an accident, dangerous operation and assault with a weapon after he ran a cyclist off the road and hit her with his car. The woman suffered only minor injuries. Luckily.