Extra, Extra: Club King, Offing the OMB



Extra, Extra: Club King, Offing the OMB

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  • The rise and fall of CiRCA, like the rise and fall of Peter Gatien—the man who ran it—isn’t exactly news. But for those who missed earlier rounds of speculation, the New York Times caught up with Gatien recently, and profiles his very rollercoaster career.
  • City council has, on its agenda this month, a motion calling for the abolition of the Ontario Municipal Board. Though it’s a provincial body that the City doesn’t control, hatred for the OMB runs broad and deep amongst many politicians and community groups—not to mention most urban planners—in Toronto. OpenFile has an excellent explainer all about it.
  • Adam Giambrone, former TTC Chair, thinks he knows how the transit service can not only stave off cuts but actually improve service. It would cost a small fare increase (10–15 cents), but he’s convinced it could be done and would be worth it. Are you?
  • The National Film Board lost one of its great filmmakers this week. Tom Daly headed up Studio B in the 1950s and 60s, produced Candid Eye, and is credited with helping to inspire the creation of IMAX. He passed away on Sunday, at the age of 94.