Duly Quoted: Giorgio Mammoliti




Duly Quoted: Giorgio Mammoliti

“We do need to take them off the streets and we need to do it forcefully.”
—Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti (Ward 7, York West), on how the City should treat its homeless citizens. He told CityNews.ca that he wants the province to change its current legislation to allow the City to take homeless individuals off the streets; as of now, for forceful removal to take place an assessment must determine an individual is a danger to him or herself or to others. Mammoliti believes transitional housing is the best solution, but the provincial or federal government should pay for it, not the City. “Jail is not the place to put them because it costs us $3,000/day per person,” he says. Rob Ford has selected Mammoliti to chair a task force on homelessness in September.