Newsstand: June 20, 2011
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Newsstand: June 20, 2011

Illustration by Sasha Plotnikova/Torontoist.

Monday’s like a fun day for people who are all mixed up about what constitutes fun. Are you ready to get your Monday on, or what? Gonna hit ‘ya with the list now: MMVAs sound really super interesting, Torontonians headed for Gaza-bound flotilla, and two stories of city councillors getting serious about grooming.

If you woke up this morning thinking that life just can’t go on until you get a recap of what in the name of Pete happened at the Much Music Video Awards last night, then DON’T EVEN WORRY, the CBC’s got you covered: “Justin Bieber provokes screams at MMVAs.” We’re really glad we read this article though to its conclusion because by doing so we learned that Shawn Desman and Fefe Dobson both still exist! So if, say, your relationship to Much Music was cryogenically frozen in 2003 and you just reanimated it now, you might discover that YOU HAVEN’T EVEN MISSED ANYTHING AND YOU’RE STILL TOTALLY HIP TO WHAT THE KIDS LISTEN TO… amIright?
Now we’re going to abruptly change tone on y’all with no conceivable segue. Every once in a while, people who turn up at the airport bearing signs aren’t trying to identify a passenger: yesterday, seven Torontonians were given a send-off at Pearson International Airport by a small cohort of protestors from the Jewish Defense League. The travellers were on their way to board a ship that is part of Freedom Flotilla II: an international convoy bringing supplies to Palestinians in Gaza. Last spring, its predecessor was raided by the Israeli military and several people were killed. The Toronto residents will be joining a largely Canadian-manned boat that has been dubbed Tahrir. All in all, the 10-boat-strong mission leaving Greece in the coming weeks will be manned by around 1000 activists.
Newsstand today is going to be like muscle confusion for your news-consuming muscles, ’cause we’re switching gears again. Councillor Paul Ainslie (Ward 43, Scarborough East) wants the city to create a website called The Daily Pothole, and while there are tons of intriguing directions this site could go if you cranked the space between “pot” and “hole” apart just a little, TDP would serve up daily profiles of Torontonian potholes. Like, in the street. The things you hit with your car. Although it sounds like the site is really going to amount to more of a ra-ra celebration of how the City fixes its potholes and how much it costs. A site like that would be at the top of our RSS must-read list fo’ sho’.
Speaking of the details of the City’s grooming, public works committee chair Denzil Minnan-Wong (Ward 34, Don Valley East) is getting all 1950s mom on the City’s ass and being like: MOW THE DAMN LAWN. A resident sent Minnan-Wong a photo of a traffic island where grass has shot up higher than a city green bin. Apparently this kind of thing wouldn’t be tolerated on private property (without some kind of bylaw slap, presumably) and Minnan-Wong is pissy about the hypocrisy. Torontonians, did you know about this? That the City apparently has rules about cutting your grass? We really didn’t, and it’s leading us to mental spaces we’ve never gone before, deep philosophical inquiries like: what’s the virtue of grass cutting? We’re just wondering if this is an aesthetic thing or if it’s part of the science of grass or what.