Introducing: UrbanToronto on Torontoist
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Introducing: UrbanToronto on Torontoist

If you’re reading Torontoist, we know you love Toronto. An integral part of this great city is its exciting architecture and development, both of which have taken centre stage in recent years. UrbanToronto celebrates Toronto’s architecture and focuses on the city’s development by chronicling building projects—design, construction, real estate development, and public space—in the GTA. We’re thrilled to become a contributor to Torontoist and hope to bring you into UrbanToronto’s community by keeping you informed about what’s happening in your city and, most importantly, in your neighbourhood.
If you aren’t familiar with us, a bit of an introduction: We’re a news resource, development index, and online community, all in one. We update every day with five to 10 stories that chronicle the progress of all the building projects in the city, and have the most popular and active discussion forum dedicated to development in Toronto. You’ll often find information and renderings of new projects even before their official release, and developers regularly get involved in the message board discussions, should you have questions or concerns about any planned projects.
Buildings and development aren’t just about concrete and glass cladding. They are about the quality of life in our city, how the buildings meet the street, what kind of influence they have on our day-to-day lives, and how in turn the very culture of our city is shaped. It’s all a part of urban living and what it means in the context of the physical spaces that surround us.
So, welcome to the world of UrbanToronto. You can find us online, on Twitter, on Facebook—and, about once a week from now on, right here.