Newsstand: May 23, 2011
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Newsstand: May 23, 2011

Illustration by Sasha Plotnikova/Torontoist.

It’s the last gasps of the first grasp of summer, so get the last of the first while the getting’s good: more about BMXing over bones (and elsewhere), ice cream turf wars, talking about talking about homophobia in Catholic schools, and the fix for goose shit is to ship out the geese.

The battle between BMXers and native groups over a mound of High Park dirt came to a close last week: the ramps being used for BMX and mountain biking fun were dismantled after some groups claimed they were two-wheeling on the site of a First Nation’s burial ground. The National Post says the problem could have been resolved (and city heritage explored) by going Indiana Jones and digging up the mound to see whether there really is a 3,000-year-old burial site under there or just, you know, raccoon shit and dirt. The Globe and Mail reports that the High Park issue is just another hurdle faced by the BMX community, who struggle to find good places to practice and play in the city.
Speaking of struggles, after seven years of peddling ice cream in the Beaches, Liaqat Ali is being hounded out of his territory by a rival vendor. Toronto’s ubiquitous ice cream trucks are licensed and inspected by the City, but the regulation stops there, with vendors left to sort out issues of territory and competition on their own, often engaging in fierce turf wars and back-and-forth lowballing.
Gay-straight alliances are still verboten in Toronto’s Catholic schools, but the TDCSB did just pass an education policy (one already adopted by the rest of the province’s school boards) that promises to address ongoing incidents of discrimination in schools, with homophobia and cyberbullying identified as specific concerns. A coalition of parents is fighting back with a petition 2,400 signatures strong that demands that sexual orientation be eliminated as grounds for discrimination. That’s right: fighting against fighting against homophobia.
Speaking of which, the Gardiner Expressway goes both ways. Originally slated to be closed until 8:00 a.m. this morning for maintenance, the Gardiner was instead open in both directions as of 5:15 p.m. yesterday. City roadwork taking less time than required? What a pleasant and maybe-unprecedented surprise.
There are 3,000 Canada geese in Toronto, and they’re creating such a shitstorm (literally) that as many as three-quarters of them will get sent to other parts of Ontario later this spring. Toronto apparently curbs its goose shit problem by rounding up the culprits and shipping them out. We call fowl play.