This Guy Solves Rubik's Cubes Really Quickly




This Guy Solves Rubik’s Cubes Really Quickly

Eric Limeback is an East York 18 year old who periodically makes the news because of his talent: he’s Canada’s second-fastest speed cuber, so adept with his hands that for a while he was making a living by twisting Rubik’s Cubes into pixellated portraits of Bob Marley and Marilyn Monroe, and so forth.
Chris Frampton, of Flyweight Films, had the excellent idea to point a video camera at Limeback, and the result is this documentary short, which is totally worth a watch, maybe as kind of a Hot Docs aperitif. If Limeback’s goofy likability doesn’t win you over then the clacking of the cube while he manipulates it with his super-speedy android fingers probably will.
“There have been a couple of feature-length docs made about cubing,” Frampton wrote us in an email, “mostly dealing with the history of the puzzle or the personal experience of cubers. I wanted to do something more procedural and close-up, which is the idea behind this ‘macrodocumentary’ series (of which The Cuber is the first).” Competitive cubing events have been held since the ’80s, Frampton told us, and “according to Eric there are kids as young as three who can solve the cube, and senior citizens who compete. It’s definitely skewed to the teenage boy crowd though.”
Cubers! The camera loves them. But Frampton has plans to branch out into other subject areas.
“As opposed to ‘microdocumentaries,’ which could just be ultra-short documentaries, these macrodocs are specifically about the relationships between individuals and very specific tasks or very limited subjects. The next one is about the methodology and anxiety surrounding spit-shining boots in the army.”