A Rap Song About the Awesomeness of Rob Ford
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A Rap Song About the Awesomeness of Rob Ford

So, here’s a YouTube video of a rap song about Rob Ford, and how great he is.
It’s hard to tell whether or not the guy (or guys) singing is being sarcastic. If the creators’ Twitter is anything to go by, the sentiments are probably sincere. Rappers pay taxes like everyone else, we guess. Except unlike everyone else, when they get angry about how that tax money is being used, they can rap about it. On YouTube.
The flow is pretty good. The use of a picture of auditor general Jeff Griffiths near the end of the video earns mega points for obscurity, since only people who obsessively track council meetings would even know what he looks like. If there’s any way there could be a better pro-Ford rap anthem, we can’t even fathom that possibility. But we’d love to see it done.
We’re trying to reach the creator, or creators. We’ll update if we hear from them.
Here’s an attempted transcript…

Uh, yeah. Won’t let the politics divide us.
All that matters is the plus and the minus, the numbers.
Gotta know where the budget stands.
People let it slide, ’cause they really don’t understand,
But it’s your money,
Shit, it’s my money.
People die for money.
They probably have money.
[Inaudible] Well I’m on the ground, workin’ with my hands so I can give ’em a cut, but I don’t mind it.
Understand the importance of the services they providing.
The libraries, the arenas, the seniors, and the streets [inaudible].
It’s all paid for, but do you know what you paid for?
Every single dollar of the millions is allocated.
Now, do you know where your money made it?
They don’t treat it like their money, they treat it like tax money, Throwin’ the shit around like these deficit balloons.
Time to buckle down.
Zoomin’ in perspective.
Take accountability. Dudes lose it, they reckless.
No mercy for politicians, they’re too thirsty.
Too selfish to be helpful.
They’re taking shots at him, from the left wing.
Penny robbin’ him just like Ed Belfour.
They sold his soul. He made a trap that they fell for.
Snakes get squirmy when actuaries actually get dirty.

Let us know in the comments if you can make sense of the passages we couldn’t make out.
Hat tip to Jonathan Goldsbie