Extra, Extra: Statements and Queeries



Extra, Extra: Statements and Queeries

Every weekday’s end, Extra, Extra collects just about everything you ought to care about or ought not miss.

  • At City Hall today, anti-poverty protesters brought a budget committee meeting to a halt, and Josh Colle was there to snap and tweet the above photo. Read more about the fracas here.
  • It’s a phrase that’s become inextricably linked with the process of gentrification in Toronto and now it’s a T-shirt. Wear your bitterness with pride, Toronto. [via @accozzaglia]
  • Watch Steve Paikin’s interview with Terry Fallis—public affairs expert, Torontonian, and winner of this year’s Canada Reads competition—on his new book, The High Road, a novel about Canadian politics that draws upon Fallis’s own experiences in that world. With a federal election on the horizon, we might as well get used to hearing different versions of federal truthiness.
  • QueeriesMag is a new online magazine “for queer women and like-minded folks” just soft-launched by Toronto-based Pink Triangle Press, who also publish Fab and Xtra. Keep an eye out for the official launch of the site this spring. [via @Mastheadmag]
  • Finally, if you need reminding why you don’t go to King West to party, Chandler Levack took one for the team and spent many, many nights at clubs in that area over the span of a few months. Read her report on all the vodka and Red Bull–fuelled fun for Toronto Life here.

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