Sound Tracks: "Walk Away (From a Good Thing)" by the Bicycles
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Sound Tracks: “Walk Away (From a Good Thing)” by the Bicycles

Believe it or not, music videos still exist. Sound Tracks trolls the internet to find the best and the worst of local artists’ new singles and the good, bad, or otherwise noteworthy visuals that accompany them.

So, hey, remember when the Bicycles broke up? Almost two years ago? Well, they’ve just (sort of) released their (pretty much) brand new video. Makes sense?
Reportedly, the video for “Walk Away (From a Good Thing)” was made two days after the band announced their “indefinite hiatus” in March 2009. Now, sometimes, that means a band is for sure breaking up, and sometimes, it just means that your drummer needs to get in a pretty bad plane crash for you to realize you were throwing away the most profitable best thing you’ll ever have and that you should get your nostalgia-ripened selves back into a studio/on the road, etc., but we digress. The Bicycles ended and then this video was made anyway—without them.
The details are in the captions: “This is not the Bicycles,” it starts. “The Bicycles broke up two days before this video was shot,” it continues. “Unfortunately, our producers had already spent six grand on pre-production. So we rounded up some freaks and shot the video anyway.”
The obviously hilarious Cobourg Boys (Brent Quigley and Dylan Taylor) directed; together, they’ve done other videos with the Bicycles as well as Whaletooth and, of course, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” (oh, you guys), and it truly is the story that unfolds in text over schticky shots of local comedians (Sarah Hennessy as now-Sheezer drummer Dana Snell!) and musicians (Meligrove Band/Sports‘ Michael Small as Matt Beckett!) filling in as the band that makes the video. “Fuck the Bicycles,” they snap at 1:09. “Hope you enjoy this crap anyway.”
From there, the Cobourgs proceed to distance themselves from the video and plead for another chance. “Please don’t let this video define us as directors. We can do better. You hear us, Sloan? Metric? Timbaland?” There were a few times that we for-real laughed out loud, and while, granted, that might not take much, this video really is a little gem. There’s even a real-band cameo!
So, is the story behind this video true? Will the Bicycles ever get back together (again) for real? Are they, and we’ve just lost track? Are they ever really “gone,” anyway? And did this thing actually cost six thousand dollars to make? We don’t know. We just want to laugh.