Newsstand: December 9, 2010
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Newsstand: December 9, 2010

Illustration by Jeremy Kai/Torontoist.

Today: Bill Blair’s sticking to his guns (kind of literally), five officers identified beating Nobody, one officer kinda-identified beating Torontoist writer, city council committees get stacked with Ford-minded suburbanites while “pinkos” are shut out, and we think Ford just needs to hear some Petula Clark.

Bill Blair won’t back down, no, he won’t back down. He knows there ain’t no easy way out, but he’ll stand his ground. You can stand him up at the gates of hell, but he won’t…(okay, you get the idea). Point is, Blair’s not resigning anytime soon, he says, and he’s committed to unearthing the truth about police behaviour at the G20 summit this past summer. In the case of Adam Nobody—the aptronymous everyman whose case rose to symbol status after his beating by police was caught on camera—Blair says that five of the officers in that video have been identified. As you’ll remember, Ontario Ombudsman Andre Marin issued a report yesterday, saying that the infamous secret law giving police freewheeling powers is “illegal” and “likely unconstitutional.” Blair shot back at this, saying that he doesn’t know where the Ombudsman’s getting his evidence. Well, that’s probably because, as Marin claims, he got “zero co-operation” from Blair’s police force during his investigation. He said, he said, right?
Speaking of identifying officers getting baton-happy during the G20 summit, according to the Star, the very same dude who hit Adam Nobody and National Post photographer Colin O’Connor also held the baton that smacked one of our own, writer Wyndham Bettencourt-McCarthy. [UPDATE, DECEMBER 9, 12:18 PM: Here’s more about what happened to Wyndham.]
Rob Ford has managed to stack the city council committees that oversee labour relations, the budget, and the Transit Commission with a slate of like-minded suburbanites. What is normally a perfunctory meeting got drawn out into a five-and-a-half-hour marathon (sadly, though we might have liked to have seen that, we’re not talking about a real marathon—for future reference, those have been re-titled “nuisances to traffic” under the Ford regime). Left-leaning councillor Maria Augimeri slipped onto the TTC board unscathed, but was the only “pinko” in the room to do so. Augimeri was among several council members to arrive at the meeting clad in pink, with reference to Don Cherry’s recent slip-of-the-face. We mean tongue. No, we mean face. The twelve councillors whose wards fall entirely within the boundaries of the former City of Toronto were shut out of committee positions entirely. Well, in the four years ruled from the borderlands to come, just remember: when you’re alone and life is making you lonely, you can always go downtown. Maybe we should start a campaign to get Ford to hear the wisdom of Petula Clark.
After a fourteen-month-long investigation, police co-operating across thirteen law enforcement agencies have filed more than two hundred charges (no, not twelve, though we know you thought that was coming because our readers have great count-down skillz) and arrested fifty-seven men in an international child pornography operation. Of the twenty-five Canadians caught in the sweep, seven are from the Toronto area.
And now, in alliterative news: Going to Barrie? Don’t eat the broccoli. You might get botulism.