Newsstand: December 17, 2010
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Newsstand: December 17, 2010

Illustration by Jeremy Kai/Torontoist.

Good morning, this is Friday Newsstand broadcasting to occupied Toronto. Today, Mayor Ford gets enough rope, movie pirates busted, and the risks of homemade porn explicated.

Big night for newish mayor Rob Ford, who coaxed council into letting him live up to some of his campaign promises, eliminating the $60 vehicle registration tax and cutting councillor office budgets to $30,000 from $50,445. It’s something of a no-lose scenario for councillors who might otherwise oppose Ford; if the next four years go double rainbows, they get credit for cutting taxes and costs, and if the city collapses into financial ruin and we all have to wear barrels held up by straps and sell pencils to other hobos, it’ll be Ford’s fault. Of the end of the $60 auto registration fee, Ford said taxpayers “can go out and spend it, create jobs and stimulate the economy or they can save it.” In celebration, Newsstand is creating a full-time valet position which will pay $60 a year.
But wait, there’s more. Council also voted 28–17 to ask Queen’s Park to make the TTC an essential service, a move that was expected to be contentious but apparently wasn’t. TTC union head Bob Kinnear mumbled darkly about “labour unrest,” but failed to dampen the champagne-cork-popping mood that comes with simultaneously backhanding the union and the Miller legacy. However, the mayor did lose a debate-free vote in favour of councillor Mike Layton’s grandstanding opportunity motion to “disassociate” council from the controversial “‘Too Asian’?” article published by Maclean’s magazine back in November, with which they were not associated in the first place.
Other stuff happening: the Star reports that Claremont retirement home has published a fund-raising calendar called “After Dark,” which depicts seniors abandoning stereotypes and engaging in activities like skinny-dipping and cuddling in the back seat of a Cadillac. All money raised will go to Free the Children. We thought about mocking this, but it’s actually cool. You should buy one.
Police raided at least ten stores at a strip mall in Markham yesterday and seized thousands of pirated DVDs, many of them movies still playing in theatres. No report on the number of arrests, but a spokesman for the accused said “Aargh.”
If you don’t want to be web-famous for the wrong reasons, best to keep the videophone out of the bedroom. Toronto detective Theresa Monaghan tells the Sun that women should avoid making private sex videos because the number of cases of vengeful ex-boyfriends posting personal porn on the internet is increasing.