Weekend Newsstand: November 13, 2010
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Weekend Newsstand: November 13, 2010

Illustration by Jeremy Kai/Torontoist.

In weekend news: this fund’s an odd charity, Lake Shore is already offending people, and something stinks.

You know a charity or “fund” is shady when that fund’s namesake and creator decides he or she no longer wants to be associated with it. Brampton mayor Susan Fennell resigned from her own board without giving up financial statements of her private community fund, which she had promised to do. The Mayor Susan Fennell Community Fund, and the mayor herself, got flack from several councillors for “lack of transparency” during the election campaign. Fennell insists her ties to the fund were never political and says her opponents have tried to “smear her reputation.”
The producers of the atrocity of a TV show everyone’s been waiting for (has anyone actually been waiting for it? And shame on you), pushed some wannabe reality stars into “race-bashing,” say finalists from Lake Shore. One finalist, dubbed “The Persian” by producers, decided to call it quits after they encouraged her to make anti-semitic comments. Another finalist was asked to pick fights with other ethnicities. And what do our neighbours to the south have to say about Canada’s attempt at its own Jersey Shore? Writes Liz Kelly from the Washington Post, “Canadians. So smug with their nationalized health care, bilingual province and ‘Anne of Green Gables.’ But, as it turns out, our neighbors to the north are every bit as capable of converting douchy 20-somethings into profit-making trash TV as we Yanks.” Yep, that about sums it up.
It’s getting chilly and the hockey fire in most people’s bellies has already begun to burn brightly. But wait, with scarce ice time at city rinks, where will everyone play? Parents of kiddies in rec hockey leagues have had it with permits and convoluted application processes. Toronto is way down the line on recreational infrastructure compared to other Ontario municipalities, with fewer and older rinks. But getting more built is no easy task, it seems—one rink in Leaside has been in talks for the past decade.
Ew, what stinks? Oh right, it’s that waste plant in Durham! Should the two-hundred-and-sixty-million-dollar proposal for the incinerator get approved by the province, it would burn one-hundred-and-forty-thousand tonnes of garbage a year—that’s enough to power six thousand homes. And the smell fest could get approved before the new council has a chance to convene on December 8. The Ministry of Environment could pass its assessment on the thing as early as next week, and after that, Durham chairperson Roger Anderson has the authority to give the go-ahead.
And ending on a kind note: today is the third annual Random Acts of Kindness Day, which was started by the foundation of the same name to, well, promote kindness. So do something nice for someone else today. And if you’re just a selfish asshole and need a reason, psychologists say doing something good for someone else will actually boost your own health and happiness.